Personal Development Training for Youth Workers

Training Course 12-22 August 2022

Countries involved: Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Latvia

Practical tools and methods for quality planning, implementation and evaluation of international projects

To develop personal skills and mindset such as creativity, flexibility, ability to take risks

To support participants in realising their project ideas

To gather professionals of the youth field from different social and cultural background


Upskilled is a training course for youth workers, young leaders and young entrepreneurs. In this training you have the chance to experience yourself as a youth leader, to improve your monitoring skills, and to find out how you can create your own impact. We are inviting people who are willing to act towards their goals and dreams!

The goal of the training is to create more successes in life while enjoying it.

What to expect




Training Course


Local communities, online

We will do an online preparation meeting for all the group.

In July 2022

Arrival day: 12th August 2022

Departure day: 22nd August 2022

After the training you will receive support to organise local events or online content with the aim to create positive impact, activate fellow young people, and share your learning and experiences.


Theorie U : open heart - open will- open mind

Theory U proposes that the quality of the results that we create in any kind of social system is a function of the quality of awareness, attention, or consciousness that the participants in the system operate from. Theory U is a method of learning and management created by Otto Scharmer. The principles of theory U are suggested to help political leaders, civil servants, and managers break through past unproductive patterns of behaviour that prevent them from empathising with their clients' perspectives and often lock them into ineffective patterns of decision making. Every person should be able to work with open mind, open heart and open will. Every conversation should be one of ´presencing´ (which combines the words ´presence´ and ´sensing´), in which unexpected creative ideas pop-up every time.

Departments or firms do not look at their personal gain in a project or product, but seek to work for the greater good of society. And finally, a Leader's most important job is to create context for improvement.The foundation of Theory U lays in the personal attitudes of people in conversations.

There are actually THREE INSTRUMENTS every person should use to work on a co-creating level: an open mind, an open heart and an open will.

An open mind means being able to set aside your ‘voice of judgement’. Prejudging situations or other people hinders human creativity and presence.

An open heart means to beat your inner voice of cynicism. You have to be able to be your authentic self and to dear to be vulnerable if you really want to co-create.Thirdly, an open will is necessary. People need to be willing to give up what they have, a spiritual condition for co-creating.Again, true change can only emerge when people are willing to approach every situation with open mind, heart and will, to be able to respond to it the moment it emerges

About our methodology


The secret of the training is in the HOW.

As a participant you are going to have the chance to see things from a totally different perspective. To do actions, to act and share and act and share - all in order to make progress in your learning.

The goal of the training is to create more successes in life while enjoying it.

The program is super intense, we work from the morning till late evening, in order to create the maximum opportunity for those who are willing to learn and create. The build-up of the training is similar to a sport training, every day we do a bit more, and we use the previous experiences as a common base to build upon them. Through personal development, you will have the chance to improve your skills and gather knowledge in coaching and monitoring. We are going to take planning and project management skills and analyse them step by step to create the clearest possible understanding. By doing this, we practice how to use them.


Day 1 - Arrival. Getting to know the surrounding. Registration.

Day 2 - Introduction, ground rules. Handling concepts, thoughts. Key concepts. Setting learning goals.

Day 3-4 - Exploring individual working styles, trust, playfulness, self-care, accountability.

Day 5 - Making it practical. Start creating plans. Preparation for outdoor.

Day 6-8 - Outdoor training

Day 9 - Understanding and planning for home. Finalising plans. Asking the last questions. Motivate yourself.

Day 10 - Evaluation and closing. Identifying results and learning outcomes.

Day 11 - Departure

Arrival to the venue: 12th August 2022 afternoon

Program starts: 13th August 2022 morning

Program ends: 21st August 2022 evening

Departure: 22nd August 2022 morning

Meet the team

Norbert Hochstein

Albert Poetzsch

Anna Sipos

Norbi is working as a freelance trainer, self-care coach and consultant. His main field is personal development and communication. He is trained to use different methods such as synergy method, body movement, communication styles and he is an NLP Master Practitioner. He has experience with different target groups, lately he is focusing on ESC volunteers (to support their integration process) and trainers, youth workers (to support their skills' development). His main motivation to be on this training is to decrease the gap between sectors and to offer an opportunity to people to change.

Albert is a certified coach and project coordinator who has been working in the field of youth mobility since 2017. As project coordinator, he has successfully implemented several projects funded by Erasmus+ in Germany and throughout Europe.

His aim is to empower and support young individuals to engage in social change by creating learning opportunities through youth projects.

Sipi is a youth worker and freelance trainer, working with youth groups for more than 10 years in different organisations and in several countries. In the past years she is passionate about helping new organisations to start developing their international non-formal programs and to build up their NGOs. She is the one who put in words and in a project application the idea of "Upskilled" and she will support the project from the background, coordinating online communication with project partners, applicants and trainers.

Kultur Haus will be our accommodation for the time of the training. Only our group will stay here and the staff members, giving us a safe and quiet learning environment. Inside the building there is a conference room for the activities, bedrooms, and areas to socialise. There will be 3 meals and 2 coffee breaks provided during the indoor training. We take your special diets and allergies into consideration in case you give us information upfront.




Participation contribution is 50 EUR / person, to be paid one week after confirmation. In case you cancel your participation 10 (or less) days before the training starts, we do not transfer you back this amount. With this contribution you commit to participate in the full training from the beginning till the end, and you contribute to the quality of your learning. In case you want to participate, but this amount is too high for you, contact the organisers directly. Food, accommodation, materials and an intense learning program are fully covered by the Erasmus+ program.

Travel reimbursement

In case you provide all original tickets and invoices on time to the organisers, your travel costs will be fully covered up to these limits / person after the training.

Germany 180 EUR / person

Bulgaria 275 EUR / person

Czech Republic 275 EUR / person

Romania 275 EUR / person

Greece 275 EUR / person

Turkey 360 EUR / person

Hungary 275 EUR / person

Portugal 360 EUR / person

Poland 275 EUR / person

Italy 275 EUR / person

Serbia 275 EUR / person

Latvia 275 EUR / person

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Ideen Hoch drei

Smokinya Foundation

Brno Connected

Associata Se Poate

Be Visible Be You


Grow How



Youth Connect

Vega Youth Center

3D Friends

Application Process

1. Fill in the contact form until 10th of June 2022

2. Receive a confirmation mail.

3. Check your inbox for the results between 10th & 15th of June 2022

The steps

Application closed

Do you have any questions or want to talk to us?

Drop us an email at:

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